Scott Carlow , Hockey Canada

“We have been fortunate to bring in Mav Vergara to lead our on ice goaltender development at various Hockey Canada Skills and Summer Camps over the past three years. Mav has extensive technical knowledge of the goaltending position but what is most valuable is his innate ability to interact with the players on a personal level and explain techniques in a way that is easy to understand for all age levels. Mav is an exceptional person to be around both on and off the ice and I would recommend his services to anyone looking to take their game to the next level!” 

Kevin Shier , TOP Sports Inc.

“MAV is dedicated coach who takes pride in making sure he gets the most out of his goaltenders. He has a unique ability to not only provide goalies with with excellent instruction but to connect with them on a personal level. We are fortunate to have MAV at TOP Sports and would recommend him to anyone looking for a goalie coach. “

Jeremy G, GTHL Parent

“MAV is extremely knowledgeable and experienced about hockey and goaltending, he’s relatable for both parents and kids of all ages, and is an excellent teacher. My son loves training with MAV, and wants to train with him as often as he can.”

Myles C , GTHL Parent

"MAV has been coaching my son Aiden for 2 years.  In that time, Aiden has gone from a totally inexperienced kid who decided he wanted to be the goalie on his Minor Novice Select team, to a GTHL Playoff Division-winning Single A goalie."

"We atttribute much of that growth and success to Aiden working weekly with MAV, where MAV helped Aiden develop and refine not just Goaltending skills and techniques, but also some of the mental aspects of the goalie position which helped Aiden achieve success in his recent extended Playoff run."

"We are 110% confident in MAV’s ability to coach Aiden to the next level, building upon the development & succes he's had to date, and we look forward to working with MAV again this year!"

Dave A, GTHL Parent

“My son has been very fortunate to have the opportunity to work closely with MAV these last 3 years.  His experience and knowledge of the game combined with his great skills development has benefited my son tremendously.  MAV truly cares and takes the time to work with the goalies helping them to achieve their goals regardless of the skill level of hockey they play at. Thank you for all your continued dedication and support.”

Christina S, GTHL Parent

MAV’s dryland training is fun & helps improve overall physical fitness and strength in a unique and challenging way. I see a significant difference in my sons’ strength, speed and agility since starting MAV’s dryland program. MAV has great drills for both indoor and outdoor dry training. My boys look forward to training with MAV and reaching new goals each time.